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Meet Monty, the CEO

Come behind the scenes and discover who the real boss is

In 2019 when we took the jump and made the choice to go independent, we also decided to extend the family and get ourselves a beagle!

With the two running parallel and the new pup spending so much time in the office, he became the inspiration for our label’s name.

So, now is the time to welcome you to meet Monty. Our four-legged friend holds a surprising amount of influence in a lot of decisions we make; he can often be a game changer on how our day is planned. He might be cute but behind that face is a very demanding boss.

Take the picture above for example. During a photoshoot the boss came in to request a change of scenery, a walk no less, and indeed we were very obliging…it is his brand after all! And yes, if you’re wondering, we did have to make him some personalised business cards too!

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