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Support Small Businesses

During these unpredictable times, shopping independent is now more important than ever.

For many people, when they walk into an independent shop or boutique, they do not think about how it was established, who is behind it and how it’s run. For the majority of these businesses it’s simply a handful of people, a couple of friends or a family who have taken the risk to follow their dream.

So, the saying, ‘every purchase makes a big difference!’ rings true for so many people.

After we launched last year, we’ve had the privilege to meet and to speak to so many self-employed ‘indies’, each one with a tale to tell. However, like so many industries, Covid-19 has brought new challenges none of us could have dreamt of.

Sadly, this week we are going to collect our stock from one of our beloved stockists. With sales down by -60% from last year, high rents to pay and less and less customers, they were left with no other choice but to close their doors.

If you love and value the independent shops in your town, or you follow certain independent artists, makers and creators, spend your money wisely or show your support in other ways. (picture courtesy of @thesustainablefashionforum)


Small business. Big heart

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