• Katie

Happy birthday to us!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In October we reached a milestone and became 1 years old - wahooo!!

We rewind to the beginning and review our major goals and desires...

I saw this post at the start of our business journey and often reflex back to what we wanted to achieve in the first place....

Our initial desire was to have a range of essential men's accessories. When we looked at the day to day accessories of a man, it was clear their requirements:

A pair of socks

A Belt

A wallet

Sourcing these were very problematic (a blog post for another time! ) but it was worth it! By November this year we were thrilled to announce we achieved the full set of categories!!

The next step was to infiltrate our values and beliefs, starting with quality.

For us, fast fashion is a cause of so many negative impacts. To throw away or not even wear purchases is mind blowing. The statement above is fundamental, however, it can only be achieved by starting with good quality.

It fills us with so much joy when we have feedback from our first customers who are still wearing their socks today. The shock that they are still comfy and have no holes is a testament that we only deliver the best standards.