Running a business as a couple

An insight into us

Part 1

Picture 1: Our wedding (2017)

Picture 2: Wanderlust in New Zealand (2018)

Picture 3: Version IX: The business plan (2018)

We are nearly hitting our second year anniversary but in reality our business is a year older then this date and spans back to 2018.

This was the year of change; we put all our belongings into storage, left our stable jobs and went travelling the world. Living in each other’s pockets and experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity we learnt much more about each other’s dreams and needs. We experienced the pros and cons of one another’s characters and started to establish the first ideas to what we now know as Monty’s.

The next phase was to get the idea into motion. Looking back, I think this was the biggest hurdle. After getting married in 2017 then travelling for 6 months, we looked into the financial needs of what was needed to start a business. This was one of the scariest moments, neither of us were earning a steady income, we were temporary living at our parent’s home and the future looked very uncertain. Throw that in with the path that we made: marriage and travel, a major chunk of our savings had already been spent.

Were we mad to carry on the dream to have a passionate business and put the last of our funds into socks and belts !?

At this stage the easy option would be to go back to what we know, work for large companies and get a monthly wage, keep our savings safe and put them towards our own place.

After much debate and quite frankly sleepless nights, I went back to my creative spark and shaped the idea of Monty's, the brand identity and the first ideas for the collections.

Picture 4: Design time (2019)

Picture 5: Sourcing trip - Porto (2019)

Picture 6: Inside the sock factory (2019)