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The quietness of 2022

Who said it was quiet!

As a couple, Nicolas has a full-time job and for myself, I work part-time at a local school. So juggling Monty’s has always been tricky but we managed to get us up and running and by late 2021, we looked in good shape.

Firstly, the finance was balancing, which was a huge relief. Not only this but we saw growth with shops and customers and reflecting on the amount of time we’ve invested into starting Monty’s, little by little we saw progress. But the best news of all was the feedback we were getting about our products. That alone always makes us want to carry on, especially during the tough times.

2021 felt like we had advanced and we started to feel like we knew what we were doing.

But as many of you know, we wanted to grow, not only with Monty’s but as a family too!

AND! In late February 2022, along came our baby boy, who has blown our minds. (Side note: not forgetting moving and renovating a house) 🤯

All life-changing moves, but I don’t think either of us grasped just how much our little feet (plus the house) would take over.

And as the months went on, so did the maternity leave from Monty’s.

Don’t get me wrong, we kept on top of emails, we sent out orders and restocked our wholesale – the essentials. But everything went all so quiet… simply because time is the emperor and as the weeks went on, so did the needs of parenthood and simply enjoying the special time as a family.

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the constant juggling of tasks while adjusting to the ever growing needs of a new-born. Shear madness!

And in that madness, we strangely had the privilege of bossing ourselves. In other words, we discovered the struggle of childcare so our boss instincts were to simply stand back from the business and focus our love on growing our mini human.

So, a year on and we can finally say we have childcare in place. And, as a result! we can grab some sizable time to focus on Monty’s! YAY.

Don’t be mistaken, it might be a little time until you see some new designs, but bear with us, just working on the communication side of the business is already progress.

So, there is our yearly summary. The little feet are forever growing and the renovations are continuing. But we are back and actually sat behind a desk without any interruptions. As for Monty the dog, he's now got a new role, baby entertainer 😊

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