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Introducing Unique Belgique

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Designed with amour

So we’ve had a lot of fun photoshooting this particular design. But the story behind it is more of a love story…

If anybody knows Nicolas, then you will know exactly what I mean when I say he is extremely proud of his country.

Back in 2012 when we first met, his underlying love for Belgium was often quite comical but always very sweet. Nothing could darken his spirits and during each date, the more I got to know him, the more I found out about Belgium.

As an expat living in Brussels I’ve always seen and appreciated the quirkiness and uniqueness of the city. For example, take Mannekin Pis: this boy is right up there with the most iconic of Brussels’ icons but he only stands at 61cm tall; or look at the crazy parakeets that roam the parks, all because in the 1970s a zookeeper wanted to brighten up the city. It is quite unique and rather loveable.

So back to the love story. In 2018 Belgium got so close to winning their first ever football World Cup but, while some might say they deserved to win it, it perhaps just wasn’t meant to be. But the atmosphere around the country, the black, yellow and red parties which sprung up all over the place, the noise, the joyous mood, and indeed the sheer happiness of my husband will be a memory I will treasure forever.

In homage, this design is dedicated to the wonderful memories of 2018 and to Belgium’s biggest fan, my husband and business partner, Nicolas! Now he can let his Belgian soul shine! 😊

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